Director of Scientific Research Management


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Work area:



1, according to the group's development strategic planning, participate in the strategic planning of new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine research and development and realize the steady progress of the project;

2. Be responsible for the whole process of target screening and verification and project initiation. On the basis of a deep understanding of the biomedical function of the target, explore the mechanism of drug action, and propose new pharmaceutical schemes or strategies according to the internal experimental results and the research progress of competing products.

3. Organize and carry out new variety topic selection, project establishment, research and development, etc;

4, responsible for the formulation of scientific research management department of the rules and regulations and work processes, and supervise the implementation;

5, responsible for the development of the group's annual research cost budget, and according to the budget management of scientific research costs;

6, responsible for the department backbone and project leader of the performance appraisal, organize internal training;

7. Coordinate with other relevant departments within the company and the R & D departments of subsidiaries, and maintain the relationship between the relevant business departments of the national bureau and the provincial bureau.



1. At least 6 years of relevant experience in the field of Chinese medicine industry, and have in-depth and comprehensive understanding and understanding of the future development trend of the entire pharmaceutical research and development;

2, master the relevant professional knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, familiar with relevant laws and regulations and technical requirements;

3. Familiar with traditional Chinese medicine research and development process and project management, intellectual property related laws and regulations;

4. Have comprehensive innovative thinking ability, scientific research team management ability, strategic planning ability, communication and coordination ability.