Legal Manager


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Work area:



1. Draft, review and modify all kinds of legal documents and contracts of the company;

2, to assist in the handling of investment and financing projects, asset disposal projects due diligence, contract formulation, audit, negotiation and project delivery;

3, participate in the company's other project research, to provide legal advice;

4, to provide legal advice and suggestions for the work of the business department.

5. Other non-litigation legal work;



1. Bachelor degree or above in law;

2. Pass the national judicial examination;

3, have a solid basic knowledge of law, proficient in laws and regulations related to the company's business;

4, have a certain investment and financing project legal work experience;

5. More than 8 years working experience, experience in pharmaceutical industry or pharmaceutical project is preferred, familiar with all kinds of business and transaction mode of pharmaceutical industry is preferred;

6. Good time and project management skills, able to communicate effectively;

7, strong sense of responsibility, cheerful personality, high EQ, strong ability to resist pressure, good coordination and communication skills.