The 2014 AASLD American Liver Disease Annual Meeting was held


During the 2014 AASLD Liver Conference, Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., LTD. organized a meeting of Chinese and foreign expert consultants.

The experts present included Professor Vierling, former President of the American Liver Society, Professor David Branner, a renowned liver fibrosis expert from the California Liver Center, Professor Hassanein, the main focus of the Phase II clinical trial of the United States of America, Professor Glenn, Professor Liu Chenghai, a Chinese expert in Fuzheng Huayu research, and those who participated in Fuzheng Huayu phase II clinical trial in the United States.

Professor Hassanein shared the final results of the Phase II clinical trial in the United States, the latest results of the Q-fibrosis partial analysis and the preliminary results of the Sirius scarlet staining. Professor Chenghai Liu shared the pharmacokinetic studies on the Fuzheng Huayu in the past year, which showed that the anti-fibrosis therapy of Fuzheng Huayu was very consistent, and independent of pathology readings, but still need further exploration. The enthusiasm of the participating professors was further stimulated.



In addition, the participating experts conducted extensive research and discussion on the future research and development direction of Fuzheng huayu, and gave constructive opinions and suggestions.