Nine products such as Shuanghai Brand Fuzheng Huayu capsule were rated as famous and excellent products in Shanghai pharmaceutical industry

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association in accordance with the "Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Famous Product recommendation and Evaluation Measures", after the initial review and industry expert group review, and finally approved by the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association famous product certification Committee. 

The product from Huanghai Pharmaceutical Company of Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd, the Shuanghai Brand Fuzheng Huayu capsules/tablets, Qishe pills, compound Danshen tablets, Danshen tablets, potassium chloride sustained release tablets, rhubarb sodium bicarbonate tablets, sodium bicarbonate tablets, a total of seven products were rated as famous and excellent products in Shanghai pharmaceutical industry in 2016. The famous and excellent product review requires that the product has the core competitiveness of independent innovation, the product efficacy is better than similar domestic products, the sales continue to grow, and there are no complaints and accidents due to quality problems such as returns and claims, and the product quality is strictly required. This is the fifth consecutive year that the company's products have won the title of famous products, and after years of continuous research and development, quality assurance work, the number of famous products increased from 2 to 9 (including different formulae of the same product), in 2016, the new famous products for the treatment of nerve root cervical spondylos is Qishe pill. In the future, the company will keep doing a good job in drug research, development and production.