The theme of “Shanghai Medicine” in the first half of July: Research progress of anti-fibrosis and damage repair factors of proprietary Chinese medicine

In July, sponsored by the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association, the theme of the first half month of Shanghai Medicine in July was "Research progress of anti-fibrosis and its proprietary Chinese medicine Fuzheng Huayu preparation". The cover figure Professor Liu Ping is one of the founders of Fuzheng Huayu Prescription. This magazine focuses on the research progress of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of major diseases, the main mechanism and clinical efficacy of Fuzheng Huayu prescription against liver fibrosis, the identification method of the main components of Fuzheng Huayu prescription and the quality research of the active ingredients, and the whole process information monitoring system of Fuzheng Huayu product production. It fully demonstrates the complete industrial chain of Fuzheng Huayu prescription from research and development, production to quality control.

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule (tablet) is an innovative compound Chinese medicine with first-level evidence-based medical evidence for the treatment of liver fibrosis. It is the wisdom crystallization of the team led by professors Wang Yurun, Liu Ping, Xu Liming and Liu Chenghai, who have been working hard for more than 40 years. In September 2013, it completed phase II clinical trials in the United States, creating five world firsts: the first liver disease Chinese medicine to complete phase II clinical trials in the United States; The first Chinese medicine to explore the blank field of Western medicine in the treatment of liver fibrosis; The first Chinese medicine to use "hard endpoint" - liver biopsy to test efficacy in Phase II clinical trials in the United States; The first Chinese medicine to be selected for foreign clinical research in patients with failed and refractory Western medicine treatment; The first Chinese medicine to go abroad and appear on the international academic conference platform.

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