Summary of 2015 Social Responsibility Report

2015 China Industrial Economy industry Corporate Social Responsibility Report Conference and the second China Industrial Enterprise Performance Star List conference were held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 26, 2015. Lu Yaohua, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Industry and Economics, chaired the meeting.

Mr. Li Yizhong, President of the China Federation of Industry and Economics, delivered a keynote speech and Mr. Adjani, Charge d 'affaires of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Representative Office in China delivered a speech.

Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., as one of the 78 enterprises that issued the social responsibility report at the meeting, issued the second phase of the corporate social responsibility report to the country on the same day. In the same period, reports were also released from large and medium-sized enterprises across the country, such as Fuji Xerox China and Intel (China) Co., LTD.

Liu Jiping, Chief financial officer of the company, received the certificate of social responsibility report issued by the China Federation of Industry and Commerce on behalf of the company.
Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. released the second social responsibility report in the Great Hall of the People, which truthfully reflects the contribution of the company to the society. Stable and gently rising business performance, complete industrial chain with all intellectual property rights, innovation, advancing scientific research projects and energy savings in environmental protection are the focus of this report.

The social responsibility report of Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will continue every year, and make unremitting efforts to contribute to the society the energy that a pharmaceutical production company can achieve, with the goal of creating drugs that fill the global clinical gap and reducing the regret brought by the lack of medicine.