Improve the ecological environment and seek harmonious development

On the afternoon of January 14, 2015, leaders at all levels of Baoshan District Qin Wenbo, deputy head of the District Economy and Information Committee Ye Ying, Director of the District production adjustment Office Yang, accompanied by Yuepu Town mayor Chen Yunbin, deputy mayor Xu Hongfa, came to the production site of Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., and conducted on-site research to improve the surrounding ecological environment.

Bian Huashi, chairman of Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. reported the growth history and development prospects of Huanghai to the leaders of the district and town, and showed the feasibility of improving the surrounding ecological environment. Qin said that the company's vision to improve the ecological environment is in line with the recent government plan of "building a beautiful new countryside", and the district government will strongly support the promotion and implementation of the project.

Qin Wenbo briefly introduced the plan of "building a beautiful new countryside" and put forward a series of suggestions for improving the surrounding ecological environment. The mayor of Yuepu Town also said that the land environment and other issues raised in the process of enterprise development, and actively coordinated solutions, in accordance with the development plan of Baoshan District "building a beautiful new countryside", relocated the village houses around the enterprise to the planned residential areas, improved the comfort of villagers' lives, cleared the land to achieve full coverage of greening, and made joint efforts for the company to achieve the beautiful long-held wish of "garden factory"!


Finally, the general manager of the company, Tu Yubin, presented the banner of "seeking truth and pragmatism and seeking common development", expressing the company's sincere gratitude to the Baoshan District and Yuepu Town Government for their long-term work style of doing practical things, doing good things, and seeking common development for the enterprise!