Sunside Yifeng Pan: Fight the epidemic, shoulder the task till the future


For Chinese medicine enterprises, this year is destined to be an extraordinary year, facing multiple pressures such as the economic downturn in the post-epidemic era, the poor circulation of the industrial chain, and the reform of the pharmaceutical system, but in another word, company also ushered in the strong support of relevant national policies and the increase of industrial attention.

Among many influencing factors, the novel coronavirus epidemic is one of the key variables affecting the development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry. In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, how does the traditional Chinese medicine industry deal with the impact of the epidemic on the industry? How to resume work and production while controlling the spread of the epidemic? How to overcome difficulties, seize opportunities, and undertake the historical mission entrusted by the national development strategy? This is the problem for all TCM enterprises now. The financial sector held a dialogue and discussion with the representative enterprise of the industry, Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Sundise"), on relevant issues.

It is difficult to stabilize the circulation of epidemic control and supply, company should try their best to stable the process.

A healthy and efficient supply chain circulation system is the prerequisite for enterprises to carry out normal production and business activities. However, in order to control the spread of the epidemic, some regional cities have taken measures to stop production, which has brought severe impact to the production and supply system of various industries. Yifeng Pan, deputy general manager, research and development director of Sundise, said, "During the epidemic control in Shanghai, the upstream and downstream industry chains have been affected to varying degrees. Raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials of upstream suppliers cannot be delivered; Logistics are not smooth and finished products cannot be delivered to downstream customers in time."

In the face of supply and distribution problems, the solution given by Sundise is to conduct research and judgment in advance and make plan and deployment according to the existing situation. Yifeng Pan said, "At the early stage of the outbreak in Shanghai, the company began to prevent possible supply risks in the future. The production and supply department prepared medicine which can support production for 25 days, raw materials for 2 months, and packaging materials for about 45 days through various channels.

Fuzheng Huayu capsules/tablets, Danshen tablets, and compound Danshen tablets produced by Sundise are basic drugs in the national essential drugs catalog. In order to ensure the needs of patients, Sundise gives full play to its own initiative and actively seeks solutions to ensure that key needs such as clinical drugs. Company made great contributions to stabilizing the industrial supply chain.

"When Shanghai was in quarantine, the company took positive measures and actively applied for vehicle permits in Shanghai and outside the province, so that the company could transport medicinal materials from Anhui Zhihetang, an internal unit of the group, which is also our supplier of medicinal materials." At the same time, closed-loop management was implemented to maintain production under the premise of fully cooperating with epidemic prevention and control. Then I applied for the truck city permit to ensure the supply of clinical drugs to customers in Shanghai city." Yifeng Pan said.

It is reported that in the severe period of the epidemic in Shanghai, the shipment of drugs in the Sundise factory was 1.19 million bottles, and the sales revenue was 48 million yuan, of which the shipment of Fuzheng Huayu capsules/tablets was 868,000 bottles, and the shipment of Danshen tablets and compound Danshen tablets was 105,000 bottles, basically maintaining the level of the same period last year, and contributing to the stability of the market and the economy.

Medicine is a key industry involving public health, as an industry enterprise, in the face of the epidemic, we must have the determination and courage to overcome difficulties, and strive to break the situation. We should reflect the responsibility of the enterprise. This is not only responsible for patients in need of medicines, but also responsible for the development of the company itself.

During the epidemic period, traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic in a comprehensive and in-depth way, and the application of traditional Chinese medicine and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine have achieved remarkable results. The Report of the WHO Expert Assessment Meeting on Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of COVID-19 issued by the World Health Organization clearly affirms the effectiveness and safety of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of COVID-19.

When the country, society and people are calling, it is the incumbent responsibility and mission of every pharmaceutical company to come forward in time and use its own resources to aid the epidemic. In this regard, Yifeng Pan said, "In the most difficult moment of the epidemic in Shanghai, the company used the unique resources of traditional Chinese medicine, and united the brothers in the group's internal decoction slice production enterprises to purchase high-quality medicinal materials, rushed to prepare the new coronavirus traditional Chinese medicine prevention prescription overnight, assisted the street town around the factory, and assisted the street town 4018 packages of traditional Chinese medicine prevention prescription." We have contributed to the prevention and containment of the spread of the coronavirus."

Making such achievements is necessary for Sundise to plan ahead, study and judge the situation in advance and make adequate preparations. Yifeng Pan said, "Before the epidemic situation becomes severe, the company has stored sufficient supplies, materials and epidemic prevention materials, so that all employees in the factory have no worries, and can ensure production and life." The company always keeps a clear understanding, closely follows the policies of the city, and actively develops and modifies emergency plans."

At present, the normal development of the epidemic situation is a continuous test for enterprises and the public, and higher requirements are put forward for enterprises' risk prevention and control ability, ability to respond to emergencies, and management and mobilization ability. In the face of adversity, if an enterprise can overcome numerous obstacles, stand out, and make contributions to the country and society, it is bound to be recognized by the government and the people.

Make detailed plans to implement epidemic prevention and welcome the resumption of work

Resuming work means stabilizing employment, and resuming production means stabilizing the economy. Resumption of work and production is the need of the national economy, the need of enterprises to maintain production and business activities, and the need of the public to live a normal life and achieve employment. However, the resumption of work and production does not mean ignoring the epidemic, but should be carried out in an orderly manner under the premise of epidemic prevention and control. This requires enterprises to fully prepare for issues such as employees' return to work, production protection, and health checks.

After the epidemic situation improved, Sundise actively declared the resumption of work and production information, and was the second batch of white list enterprises to resume work and production. The company established the office of the Epidemic Prevention Leading Group, and revised four editions of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Management Plan for the Resumption of Work and Production according to the epidemic Prevention and Control Guidelines for the Resumption of work and Production of industrial enterprises in Shanghai. The Notice on the regular management of epidemic prevention after the Resumption of work and production, the Personal Protection Tips at Home, and the Protection Instructions for Employees going out have been successively issued.

Yifeng Pan said, "We have done a return to work questionnaire survey for all employees of the company, and conducted a survey of each employee's living community and personal physical condition." Employees are required to hold a 24-hour nucleic acid certificate and must undergo antigen testing before entering the factory. Employees are required to wear masks and wash their hands frequently during work. Encourage employees to be actively vaccinated. Various areas of the company carry out different forms of management and disinfection according to different risk levels. After the express is disinfected with alcohol, it is then disinfected with ozone and placed for 1 hour before it is released. Arrange point-to-point shuttle buses or private cars for employees to and from work. Try to consider the problem as comprehensively as possible, do the work carefully, and ensure the safety of the company."

The epidemic cannot be ignored. Only by taking good safety measures and ensuring the resumption of work and production in parallel with epidemic prevention and control can we ensure long-term health and stability of the economy, production and society. This requires the public, enterprises and the government to work together, and enterprises, as the main body of economic production activities, must be at the forefront of production and epidemic prevention.

The epidemic will eventually pass, future will be seen

The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine has played an important role in the fight against the epidemic. It has become a highlight of the fight against the epidemic, and it is also a vivid practice of traditional Chinese medicine to pay attention to the inheritance of essence and adhere to the integrity and innovation. In the new era, the Chinese medicine industry market will usher in a new opportunity for development. In the comprehensive promotion of the construction of a healthy China, Article 46 of the 14th Five-Year Plan also specifically mentions adhering to the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, vigorously developing the cause of traditional Chinese medicine, and the innovation of the traditional Chinese medicine industry has become one of the main contents of the construction and development of the new era.

The development of exclusive brand of TCM is the inevitable choice for the innovative development of TCM, especially some basic drug varieties, medical insurance varieties, large varieties of TCM, exclusive varieties, and protected varieties of TCM. Yifeng Pan said, "Enterprises should do their own products, not be tempted by various interests, and always insist on making better products." To achieve the standardization, modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine, and establish a modern Chinese medicine brand covering the world. In the future, Sundise will focus on the exploration of the global cooperation model between industry, university, research and medical universities, and strive to make the treasure of Chinese medicine accumulated for thousands of years become a successful model which can go to more nations."

It is understood that Sundise medicine has been committed to the in-depth development of Fuzheng Huayu preparation for multiple indications such as heart, lung, kidney, intestinal and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular fibrosis, portal hypertension, and will build Fuzheng Huayu into a basic clinical drug for human multi-organ fibrosis. At present, Fuzheng Huayu tablet has completed the phase II clinical study in the United States, and is being declared and prepared for the phase III clinical study.

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, Fuzheng Huayu tablet was included in the emergency scientific research project, and it was finally confirmed that Fuzheng Huayu tablet can reduce lung inflammation in severe patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, reduce the rate of progression of critical illness, and reduce the degree of pulmonary fibrosis in patients with new coronavirus pneumonia after negative antiviral treatment.

The epidemic will eventually pass, and in the future, Chinese medicine enterprises should adhere to the clinical value orientation, and conduct drug research and development around innovative compound Chinese medicine, improved new drugs (new functional indications), ancient classic Chinese medicine compound preparations, and high-quality same-name medicines. At the same time, strengthen the safety research of traditional Chinese medicine, and carry out the corresponding non-clinical and clinical safety research at various stages during the clinical trial or after the market, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine. Truly carry forward the cause of traditional Chinese medicine and assume the historical mission given by the national strategic development.