Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association 7th general assembly

On the afternoon of April 27, the first Council and supervisory board meeting of the seventh session of Shanghai Chinese Medicine Industry Association were held in the International conference Hall of Shanghai Science Hall. All the directors and members of the association attended the meeting.

The conference reviewed and approved the report on the work of the council of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association, the election method of the first Board of Supervisors, the work report of the sixth Board of Directors, the audit report on the financial revenue and expenditure of the Association, and the revised Articles of Association. The seventh Board of Directors, the first Board of Supervisors and the seventh Board of Directors were elected. The Secretary-General was nominated by the President.

This general meeting has received the support and attention of relevant government departments. Mr. Zhou Qun, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, Mr. Zhang Huaiqiong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission and Director of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Office, Mr. Zhang Chungui of Shanghai Society Administration, and Mr. Wang Longxing, chairman of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Society, attended the meeting and made speeches. Zhao Jiaoli, Vice President and Secretary General of Shanghai Business Federation, Bai Huanyao, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Federation of Modern Service Industry, Li Hefu, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics, Gu Weikang, Vice President and secretary-general of Shanghai Licensed Pharmacists Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Business Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association, Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Quality Association, Shanghai Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Association Relevant university leaders and experts also attended the meeting.


Secretary-General Chen Yixia made a report on the re-election of the Association.

Conference host, association executive vice president Yu Weidong

Speech by Chief Engineer Zhou Qun of Municipal Food and Drug Administration

Speech by Zhang Chungui of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Social Associates

Wang Longxing, President of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association, made a passionate speech.

Speech by Zhang Huaiqiong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and Director of the Municipal Development Office

Vote for election of directors

President Yang Hong of the Seventh Council of the Association made an inaugural speech.

Tu Yubin, the first chairman of the board of supervisors of the association