Good news: Warm congratulations to Mr. Yubin Tu selected as "Touching Baoshan character"


Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Chairman Tu Yubin


Strenuousness makes good achievement, honesty makes good business. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the company's sincere belief has not changed, under the leadership of Mr. Yubin Tu, the company has achieved leapfrog development, high market share. Research and development capabilities are in the forefront of the industry. Company was awarded Shanghai famous brand, famous trademark, famous products, national key new products, National traditional chinese medicine protection varieties, Shanghai quality benchmarking enterprise, Shanghai brand cultivation demonstration enterprise, Shanghai harmonious labor relations standard enterprise, China's industry “fulfill social responsibility” five-star enterprise, Shanghai clean production demonstration enterprise, integrity creation five-star enterprise and many other honors.

Carry forward the spirit of master to do medicine, enthusiastic public welfare to give back to society

Mr. Yubin Tu takes "to be a good craftsman of traditional Chinese medicine" as the company's development goal, adheres to the tradition of strict material selection and usage, and adopts modern advanced testing technology to ensure its superior quality. A complete industrial chain from planting base to manufacturing, process research and clinical application has been established to ensure the quality of medicinal materials can be controlled from the origin. At the same time, the company can trace all the raw materials of the products, and the whole production process is carried out in the purification production workshop that meets the requirements of GMP standards. The production process can achieve comprehensive quality control. Comprehensively strengthen drug quality management from the five aspects of "people, machine, material, law and environment". Put integrate integrity into every step of drug production and every detail of enterprise management. So, the company gains the trust of patients on the brand and its products from subtle to overall.

"Good medicine comes from good materials", the company select good medicinal materials in Yunnan, Shandong, Liaoning, Gansu and other places. The Investments and constructions are according to the national GAP planting requirements of Chinese medicinal materials planting base. The planting base construction and poverty alleviation combined to improve farmers' income. The company vigorously carries out public welfare activities. For eight consecutive years, the company has directly donated to the modern traditional Chinese anti-liver fibrosis medicine -- Fuzheng Huayu tablet, the "WEALOVE Donation Activity", and has donated 300,000 yuan to the WEALOVE Foundation every year. The company also donated drugs to patients who participate in liver disease treatment projects which worth hundreds and thousands yuan. Mr.Yubin Tu participated in the construction under the name of "beautiful countryside" and the construction of a village enterprise of "National civilized village". He also lead the company to build a "Traditional Chinese Medicine Park" which integrates the functions of herbal science and four seasons garden.

The company win reputation by tax payment, establish brand by innovation

Yubin Tu insist compliance management and tax payment according to law, mutually beneficial cooperation, leads the company to achieve good business performance. Yubin Tu led all the staff to complete the transformation from traditional Chinese medicine enterprises to modern Chinese medicine enterprises. According to the requirements of FDA, Yubin Tu has built a new high-quality Chinese medicine intelligent manufacturing production line; Complete FDA-compliant chemical, manufacturing process, and quality control (CMC) studies. The company's main product "Fuzheng Huayu" is one of the only Chinese medicines which complete the FDA Phase II Clinical Trail. With a market share of more than 50% in the anti-liver fibrosis segment, it is a leading brand with high visibility in the industry. It has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, China Excellent Patent Award, National Key New products, National Traditional Chinese Medicine protection varieties, and was included in the list of China's clinical value proprietary Chinese medicine brands.

Yubin Tu will, as always, uphold the responsibility of "making great medicine", regard drug quality and efficacy as the core of the corporate philosophy, he further strengthen the integrity supervision mechanism, and polish the brand with integrity!