" Remembering predecessors, welcome National Day, continue the red gene" Party branch co-construction activities

On the afternoon of September 30, 2022, the Party branch of Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. and the six branches of the Internal medicine department of Shuguang Hospital have held a party building. A total of 20 Party members and party membership activists carried out the activity. The theme of the party activity is "Remember the predecessors, welcome the National Day, continue the red gene ". Members visited and studied Chen Yun's former residence in Liantang Town, Qingpu District.

Under the guidance of the docent of the memorial Hall, we understood the brilliant and wonderful lifetime of Mr. Chen Yun about how he grew from a child of a poor family to an excellent Communist Party member.
During the war, the period of national construction, the Cultural Revolution, the period of socialist modernization... In all aspects of national stability, economic development, reform and opening up, cultural development and even environmental protection, with the needs of the social development of the Party and the country, Mr. Chen Yun constantly changed the direction of his work, and always connected with the development of the country and the needs of the people's lives.

After the visit, a forum was held to exchange ideas. "Not only books, not only on the top, but only for the real. Swap, Compare, Repeat." Comrade Chen Yun's motto impressed the members deeply. Dialectical and materialistic ideas are also the norms in clinical, scientific research and pharmaceutical work.

Comrade Tu Xibin, secretary of the Party branch of Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd took the topic of the theme activity as the first sentence, and made the next sentence "Traditional Chinese medicine, Shuguang Hospital, Building a better future" and the horizontal scroll is "seeking truth and reality".

Comrade Liu Chenghai, secretary of the sixth Branch of Internal Medicine of Shuguang Hospital, is quite familiar with Comrade Chen Yun's life through daily reading. He also added a summary of Comrade Chen Yun's outstanding contributions, refined the spiritual connotation, and recommended the reading list to comrades present.

Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd and the Institute of Liver Disease have cooperated for more than 20 years on production, study and research work. The traditional Chinese medicine "Fuzheng Huayu prescription" was developed from clinical experience compound to the winner of second prize of national science and technology progress, from the new Chinese patent medicine to the medical insurance group, from the United States FDA certification and phase II clinical trial to preparation for phase III clinical trial. From targeting the curative effect of liver fibrosis to expanding indications. Many achievements have been made in basic research and clinical application. The party branches of the two sides were jointly built in April last year, which highlights the importance of party building in the work of pharmaceutical industry, university and research.


This time, on the eve of Martyrs' Day and the 73rd birthday of the Republic of China, the Party members learned to appreciate the predecessors ' lifetime footprints, aiming to inherit, continue and carry forward the red blood, and penetrate into the daily work and life, which is quite meaningful.


Attached: "what you see in Liantang and others"

Xu Lili

Chasing the autumn wind

Stepping on the long-step corridor bridge where the old friend wandered and climbed.

The Memory of Pictures and Steles

opened by layers

Low-key as him.

Not the hustle and bustle of the millennium town

Will the young red kindling

Cultivate at the starting point

and every inch beyond the starting point

Sincerely as he

A misty voyage

A small boat or a giant ship

Firm as a rock when bumpy

To turn the tide


will be a glass of wine

a pot of tea

placed on the old stove

Look at the quiet awning

Drink with Qinghe

Look at the clear fire

Drinking with Moonlight

Not stop, not stop