Support "Young China" Frontier Minority Primary School Students See Shanghai Project

Recently, the "Young China" Frontier Minority Primary School Students Watching Shanghai Project was successfully launched in the Children's Palace of Changning District. The activity will organize 24 poor students with excellent academic performance and 4 rural teachers rooted in the frontier to participate in the 10-day "Ten One" activity: take a plane, take a high-speed train, cross a river boat, watch a performance, listen to a one-day course, visit a venue, fulfill a wish, recall a red memory, experience the height of Shanghai, and feel the temperature of Shanghai overnight. The winter vacation will also invite Shanghai volunteer families to pay a return visit to Zhongliang Primary School. This seemingly unreachable wish-to climb over thousands of mountains and rivers into the international metropolis of Shanghai, and the hope in their hearts can be realized. It is precisely because of the current Shanghai Municipal Government Cooperation and Exchange Office on the "2018 East-West Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Funding Project" work arrangement-"Young China" project.

Jinping Miao, Yao and Dai Autonomous County is located in the south of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It is a national deep poverty county integrating "frontier, mountainous area, multi-ethnic, original war zone and poverty". In 1996, it was listed as a counterpart assistance and economic cooperation county in Shanghai and Changning District. Founded in 1956, Zhongliang Primary School in Maandi Township has 324 students in 8 classes, including 117 students and 10 teachers from poor families with filing cards. It is the most remote village-level primary school in Jinping County. The source of students covers 10 Miao villagers' groups in Zhongliang Village Committee of a deeply impoverished village.

More than a hundred years ago, Mr. Liang Qichao put forward the important thesis that "the youth is wise, the youth is rich, the country is rich, and the youth is strong. At present, the poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and the west has entered the sprint stage of gnawing hard bones and overcoming difficulties. In order to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty, we need to make concerted efforts to change the backward situation of basic education in poor areas, so that every child can get fair and quality education and enjoy the opportunity to shine in life. This public welfare activity hopes to arouse the attention and support of people from all walks of life and caring people for the development of basic education in border minority areas.


Good is like water, and great love is boundless. Anhui Zhihetang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., sponsored 50000 yuan for this public welfare event. Charity has always been a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. This sponsorship is another step in charity projects after modern Chinese medicine companies launched public welfare free clinic activities in 2017 to provide free medicine, consultation and lectures for patients in need. Over the years, with the care and help of relevant departments and the strong support of the people of the whole country, modern Chinese medicine companies have developed rapidly, achieved outstanding results, and become more and more powerful. A company with a real sense of social responsibility, often the bigger the enterprise, the stronger the sense of mission given by itself. Therefore, our company often takes practical actions to participate in social welfare activities and give back to the society. Supporting and participating in charity and public welfare undertakings is not only a kind of dedication of modern Chinese medicine companies to the society, but also a kind of social responsibility. In the next step, the company will further increase its efforts to give back to the society, actively respond to the call of the party and the government, and play an increasingly important role in promoting social progress, building and social development.


Shanghai Sundise Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. not only actively participates in charitable activities, but also contributes to the victory of poverty alleviation in corresponding regions and the decisive victory of comprehensive well-off society. Invest a large amount of funds in the construction of supporting medicinal herb bases in Jinping County, and use the Jinping Gynostemma pentaphyllum base to lift local farmers out of poverty and become prosperous. Step by step into a thousand miles, our company will firmly embark on a long path of public welfare, accumulate small love into great love, and open up a new world for more children from ethnic minorities in the border areas!