Wealove Angel Fund“Love Liver Tour“ Drug Donation Project

On the afternoon of August 3, 2015, Director Yao Zongqiang, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Zhang Yugen, Secretary-General of Shanghai Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Liu Chenghai, Director of Liver Disease Research Institute of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Director of Shanghai Charity Foundation Wealove Angel Fund Du Jianying and Office Director Yang Xindai visited the headquarters of Shanghai Sundise Modern Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. to visit and guide the work. At the same time, the first annual summary meeting of "wealove angel love liver tour drug donation project" was held. Understand the progress of the project. In order to further carry out the project, specific requirements and guidance were put forward, and the first love doctor selection scheme was warmly discussed.

The drug donation project of the WeaLove Angel Love Liver Tour is a charity activity of Fuzheng Huayu Tablets, a modern Chinese medicine against liver fibrosis, donated by Shanghai Sundise Modern Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. It will bring new hope for the vast number of patients with chronic liver disease and liver fibrosis in China, especially for those poor patients who have been plagued by liver disease for a long time, lack of financial ability to pay, and lack of medical care and medicine. While reducing their financial burden, it also creates a better quality of life for them and enjoys a better life.

Since the launch on March 21, 2014 and the official start of drug donation in June, 310 doctors from 122 hospitals in 66 cities in more than 20 provinces have participated in the activity, and more than 9400 bottles of Fuzheng Huayu tablets have been donated.

Company leader Tu Yubin executive deputy general manager participated in the reception.